Radiology and Imaging

A variety of imaging techniques are needed for assessing the causes of infertility and for appropriate monitoring of treatment. Ultrasound, Computerized Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging are used to diagnose abnormalities and problems in the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries – which might affect fertility. The same modalities are useful in post treatment follow up. X rays and C-Arm are used to perform a test called Hysterosalpingogram (HSG), which is useful in diagnosis of tubal factor infertility.

A dedicated radiology department with the latest in technology and the best in clinical minds ensures early diagnosis and optimum management.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Philips 16 Channel 1.5 Tesla Achieva MRI Scan

Computerized Tomography (CT)

GE LightSpeed 16 Multi-slice CT Scan

Ultrasound – 3D and Doppler

Mindray DC – 8

Sonoscape P40 Elite

Samsung HS 70A

Mindray DC – 60

GE Logiq C5 Premium

X-ray and C-arm


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