Trying for a baby

What can I do to improve my chances of becoming pregnant?

  • A healthy body and mind improves your chance of getting Pregnant. Start taking pre-conceptional vitamins (Folic Acid) before you plan a Pregnancy. This will help reduce the chance of Birth Defects.

  • Stop Smoking and use of Alcohol. Avoid excessive caffeine (Caffeine is present in Tea, Coffee and Chocolate).

  • If you have not been Immunized against Rubella – See your Doctor and get Vaccinated.

  • An Optimal body weight will improve your chances of getting pregnant and a good pregnancy outcome. A BMI between 19 and 25 is optimal.

  • If you have any medical problems like High Blood Pressure or Diabetes, make sure that they are well controlled before trying for pregnancy. Talk to a doctor if there is a Genetic Problem in your family.

  • The best time for a woman to become pregnant is before she turns 35. The chances of becoming pregnant become less with every passing year after this age. The risks of problems occurring during pregnancy also increase with advancing age.

  • Stress can affect your chances of becoming pregnant directly and also by reducing your desire to have sex.

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